About Waifette

Waifette is an American poet, photographer, and author.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Religion from Dominican college in 2007, and was classically trained in piano (starting at the age of 5).   She enjoys cigarettes, ballet, photography, vintage typewriters/record players/cameras, the color black, and growly dubstep.

Waifette is the author of Cigarettiquette! A Smoker’s Manifesto!   a full length study of the joy of cigarette smoking,

Waifette also released Poette, her full length chapbook, in September, 2014.   Poette is  published by Local Gems Press,  based in Long Island, NY.

Awarded a 2014 Bard’s Award on behalf of the Bard’s Initiative  for “Up and Coming Poet”, at Bards Day 2014, Waifette is happy to keep up the momentum and perpetually create.

Writing since she taught herself to read at the age of four, Waifette has always been a creative soul.  Her greatest joy is to express herself through art, and to share it with the world.  She has always believed that all we can ever be is what we will leave behind after we’re gone.  This website is a portion of her contribution to posterity.

For more information about Waifette, please email her at waifette@waifette.com.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waifette

Instagram / Twitter: @waifette / @waifette

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