Poette: Poems by Waifette

Introducing Poems by Waifette

Poette is a debut poetry chapbook. Released September 8, 2014 from Local Gems Press. Available only on Amazon.

Praise for Waifette’s Poette:

“If you’re looking for poetry that defies most fire codes and social boundaries, poetry that you’ll want to hold hostage in your heart, you’ve come to the right place. This little book of poems has got rhythmic parallels that fold in on themselves. Stanzas that waltz and tango through fields of fractured prose. Rhyme that blooms when all else is falling. Reciprocals and simplexities that Rockland can’t hold down. Poets and performers, in our culture of many voices, welcome Waifette— a new hocus pocus has hit the stage.”
-George Wallace
Writer in Residence, Walt Whitman Birthplace

“Inhale this! The poetry of Sandy Riefberg (Waifette) offers nibbles at the fleeting moments that cloud our trifling subsistence. Her place is lower; her words a whisper filtered through day-old dust and exhaust pipe breath. Cherish these children of tumult. Let the reflections of Waifette fill you like smoke.”
Steven T. Licardi (The Sven-Bo!)
Author, Performer, Artist

“ragamuffin heart, naked verse displaced in time, click, click, skillful snapshots of rhyme, words that sing to the melody of longing, for truth, for love, to belong, pursed lips slowly breathing, then sipping and tasting for the first time fine wine…I lift my glass and toast your fine book of poems Waifette! Cheers!”
-Poet Billy Lamont
Poet, Performer

“Similar to the dubstep and cigarette smoke that permeate her being, Waifette’s writing takes a curious route through the overlooked and unabashed. Her feverishly devoted craft asks for no apologies as her “always in transit” sort-of-gypsy flow moves from a seemingly constant self prying examination to love and on to her relationship with the (sometimes) suburban landscape that surrounds her. If you look close you can see her embedded desire to stay connected with the world around her, enshrouding Waifette’s crown like so many deliberate rings of lingering smoke.”
– Clarity
Poet, Host, Emcee

“Sandy sets an undeniable tone in her book of poetry, Poette. If I were Tom Hanks in Cast Away, I wouldn’t want a Wilson Ball to be my companion, I’d want this book! It underlines a humor amongst her inner thoughts that swirl around like a tornado. It’s like: put your seatbelt on and don’t be afraid to travel on this ride. She can take the routine habit of a drive on the highway and paint such a vivid setting of where her thoughts call home. This is a must read with metaphors you will find yourself repeating on the daily. Bravo.”
– Frankie A. Soto, Hidden Legacy
Poet, Performer

“Enter here, the mind of a true artist, && I do mean “true” in every sense of the word. Waifette is the real deal. Her highly descriptive, no-joke style of observation is a brutally honest experience, guaranteed to strangle the attention of any audience. From captivating word-play, to intricately astonishing visual imagery, she holds nothing back in her work. These poems, stirring and sincere, each a unique, acutely insightful tale, make monoliths of even the slightest stones. These pages are a portal. Sift through the smoke, simmer, echo through the sounds of rapture. Conjured here, the senses of a true “Poette.”
Poet, Performer, Editor

Publication Date: September 8 2014

ISBN-13: 978-0692236048

Publisher: Local Gems Press

Language: English